Teacher Aid Courses

Total Units: 17 units

Nationally recognised Qualification

Duration: Self Paced (up to 18 months)

100% Online Study

Assessment Fast Turnaround

Don’t wait months for your assignments to be marked. Enrol with ACTAC and enjoy our industry leading marking system that ensures assignments are returned no later than 10 business days from receipt.

Specialised Training

Here at ACTAC we only provide courses for students who wish to work with children. We love what we do! We are dedicated to providing students with skills that will enable them to excel in the workplace and enjoy the wonderful of experience of educating children.

Dedicated Trainer

Students enrolled in the Certificate IV in Education Support with ACTAC gain the benefit of our experienced trainers who are qualified primary school teachers and have extensive experience working in primary schools with teachers aides.

Our trainers use this experience to help students become workplace ready and equipped with the practical skills employers are looking for.

ACTAC’s CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support is highly regarded by schools as being the leading teachers aide course and will give you the knowledge, experience and qualification to excel in your career as a teacher aide.

Up to date and easy to use Learning Materials

If students are wanting to work or become a teacher aide then ACTAC’s Certificate III in Education Support is the best teachers aide course to start your career.

Also known as teaching assistant training or a teaching assistant course the Certificate 3 in Education Support is the minimum qualification many schools are looking for when seeking to employ a teachers aide.

To find out more about the governments requirements for the Certificate III in Education Support check out here. You can also check out our certificate IV in education support here.

Prices from $1,299.00

Course Description

ACTAC’s Nationally Recognised CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support is the leading qualification and course for Teachers Aides / Teachers Assistants / Integration Aides in Australia. There is no need to complete the Certificate III in Education Support before starting the industry leading Certificate IV in Education Support!

Career Outcomes

  • Education Support worker
  • Teacher Aide
  • Education assistant (special needs)
  • Home tutor
  • Language/literacy worker

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